Another blocked drain call-out in Marlow

It seems to be the same story recently as we’ve had multiple call-outs of blocked drains in Marlow. The reason being that leaves from the trees and foliage seems to already be blocking up the drains.

Unblocking Drains in Marlow We give tips on how to prevent your drains from blocking. Sometimes it’s impossible to try and prevent drainage problems that are out of your hands due to location of drains on your premises or outside of your property boundary.

24 Hour Call-out

We recieved the urgent call at 8pm as the owner was concerned with the water overflowing in their bathroom. We traced the blockage to just outside their home and found the sewage drain blocked with leaves. It took us a few minutes to clear the drain and also make sure there was no build-up further down the waste pipe. The water was soon flowing again and the toilet was flushing once more with no risk of flooding.

The Drains in Marlow

The council maintain public drains in Marlow and sometimes tenants and property owners have no option but to call the council for advice on cleaning the drains or who should maintain them. If you are concerned about your drains and do not own your home or property then you should be calling the property owner or if a council tenant then call the Marlow Council for advice and raise your concerns.

Professional Drain Unblocking from Complete Drainage UK.

Regular maintenance of your garden and home guttering helps to avoid expensive costs of repair or replacement. At Complete Drainage UK, we use a variety of specialist techniques to carry out quality drain unblockers service. If you have a blocked drain, contact our experts at Complete Drainage UK today!