Sometimes drains get blocked and it can be very frustrating but needn’t cost alot to resolve the issue. For most blocked drains, it is possible to unblock it yourself by using a range of different methods. But some blocked drains are just too difficult to fix yourself. Whilst there are a variety of DIY methods you can try yourself, including plunging and removing the u-bend and clearing out the pipe, it is sometimes best to leave the task to a professional plumber that knows how to unblock a drain. Plus, the blockage can sometimes be very deep within the pipework, so it can be a struggle to get to the problem.

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Here are five signs that it’s time to call in a drainage company or sspecialised plumber to unblock your drain, rather than trying DIY methods that could leave you in a worse mess than when you began. Many diy drain unblocking attempts end with broken rods or worse blockages. If you do intend on dealing with the blockage yourself, we recommend that you do some research first and ensure that you wear safety gear such as rubber gloves to protect your skin from chemicals and grime.

1. Off the shelf products don’t work
When most of us are faced with a blocked drain, we will rush to the shops to get a bottle of off the shelf drain unblocking solution such as Mr Muscle or Buster bathroom unblocker and kitchen unblocker. These are usually great for smaller blocks and will remedy the issue in as little as 10 minutes. But in some cases, these solutions do not work, and the drain remains blocked. Further, they can be a false economy as they will work for a week or two, but after a few weeks have gone by, the blockage will return, and you’ll find yourself buying another bottle of solution. This is typical of drainpipes that have an excess of gunk around the sides. This can require professional cleaning, with the pipes being unassembled to get direct to the problem.

2. Plunging didn’t work
If you’ve tried plunging and haven’t been able to fix the problem, you may need professional help. Plunging is effective when performed correctly. If your technique is slightly off, the method won’t work. A professional plumber has practise plunging and knows exactly how to fix the issue. Plus, plunging is a dirty job, so if you’re not prepared to deal with the mucky side, it can be best to leave the job to a plumber.

3. You’ve tried many unblocking tools
There are many tools available for unblocking drains, including wire pipe cleaners. But if you’ve paid out for one of these products and have not gained the results you need; it may be time to ask for help. Drain unblocking tools are useful and can get the job done on many blocked drains, but they can be expensive and if you’re not 100% sure how to use the tool, they can become a waste of your money. Taking into consideration that all unblocking methods come at a cost, it is sometimes worth contacting a plumber first to save yourself spending excess amounts of money on products you can buy to supposedly unblock a drain.

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4. You’re becoming frustrated with the blockage
If you’ve tried unblocking the drain yourself and are finding that you are not getting results, you may find yourself getting frustrated which is not good for your mental health. For the price of a one-off emergency plumbing call out fee, it may be worth calling a plumber before frustration turns into stress. A blocked drain may seem like a minor issue at first, but if you’re finding you cannot wash up, clean or shower you’ll find yourself becoming very irritated. Avoid these irritations and let a professional fix the problem.

5. The blockage is starting to smell
If the blockage is starting to smell, it is time to call in a plumber. Bad smells from drains can have a real effect on your quality of life at home, and for the sake of a one of emergency plumbing call out fee, it is worth the price. Smells can travel through the house, and if left too long this will most likely happen.

Taking these five signs into consideration, is it time for you to call a plumber for your blocked drain?
Typically, you want to choose a plumber you can trust, and one that is local to you, just in case the blockage becomes a problem after the initial unblocking procedure carried out by the plumber.

The one thing a plumber will bring towards fixing your blocked drain is experience. A plumber will most likely use methods you have tried yourself, including plunging, but the skills gained by performing drain unblocking methods on a regular basis will see that the job is completed with minimal fuss. Plus, a plumber will have the skills and confidence to take pipes apart to get right to the problem. Then afterwards, will have the required knowledge to safely put the pipes back together. Whilst some may try taking the drain apart themselves to clean out the gunk inside, it can be difficult putting the pipes back together. And if you fail to put the pipes back together properly, you may find yourself with a leak which could lead to a bigger problem!

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So, if you have tried various methods to unblock your drain and have had no luck, think about calling a plumber. We recommend that you go straight to a qualified plumbing service and avoid handymen or ‘DIY experts’. If a plumber faces difficulties during the task, you can be certain that the plumber will work to fix all the problems. Whereas a handyman or ‘DIY expert’ may create problems whilst trying to fix the original fault which in the long run can lead to further expense.

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