Ways to Prevent Autumn Leaves Blocking Drains

As Autumn draws in and the trees have turned brown, it’s only a matter of time before the crisp leaves start to fall and cause havoc with your garden. Outdoor drains are always prone to clogging up as the wind can blow leaves and debris intoo them and completely cover them, causing the leaves to decompose over time.

Not only does this create blockages in your drains, it also causes a terrible mess and major slip hazards in your garden paths, decking and driveways.

Autumnal leaves can block major drain grids, therefore preventing any water from getting into the drains which can then cause rainwater to back up into your garden and potentially cause flooding around your property. Leaves can also cause a serious problem when they get into the drains and cause blockages from inside which could possibly require a professional drainage company to fix.

Being proactive is key, prevention is always better than cure which is why it is extremely important that you remember to carry out regular clean-ups and maintenance to keep your garden free from leaves and prevent the vegetation from decomposing. Care for your garden means caring for your drains.

What can I do when my drain is blocked with leaves?

When an outdoor drain becomes clogged with leaves, there are several measures you can take to prevent the leaves from causing problems in the future. The most effective way to keep your garden free of leaves is to use a good quality brush or rake to gather the foliage, leaves and any garden debris and then dispose of them in an appropriate bin on a regular basis.

Prevent leaves from blocking your drain with a drain guard

Back to the odage of prevention is far batter than cure. Prevent leaves from clogging the drain by using a drain guard. Similar to an upside-down strainer, the drain guard’s gaps allow water to filter through while blocking the leaves away from the drain’s surface.

Therefore, if a build up of leaves forms over the drain cover, it will not block water from flowing under. Drain guards still require regular cleaning, but they work as effective solutions to keep drains from becoming clogged with leaves. Drain guards are cheap and super effective.

Inspect your drains regularly

Inspect your drain grid regularly and clear away any leaves that may build up on top. Make sure blockages do not occur on top of the drain as water will find somewhere else to drain away which could potentially cause flood in your garden. Try using a plastic or metal net to cover the grid as this is a very easy way of removing leaves without the mess.

Prevention is better than Cure

The final word of advice is to carry out regular maintenance on your drains and any pipes. Leaves are not confined to entering your garden alone, they can also end up in your drain pipes and gutters on your roof. If this becomes the case, leaves have a direct route into the drains which can prevent water from draining down the pipes, causing them to overflow.

This can be much more difficult to clear, which is why there are a range of devices available which can make this task much easier for you, such as gutter brushes. This will sit inside your drainpipe and prevent anything from getting inside except for water. Some use wire mesh at the downpipe connection to prevent the leaves entering the downpipe and then finally into your drains.

Professional Drain Unblocking from Complete Drainage UK.

Regular maintenance of your garden and home guttering helps to avoid expensive costs of repair or replacement. At Complete Drainage UK, we use a variety of specialist techniques to carry out quality drain unblocking services. If you have a blocked drain, contact our experts at Complete Drainage UK today!