What is Drain Rodding? – Do You Need your Drains Rodding?

Blocked Drains Service – Blockages, Foul Smells, Bad Odor Smell inside or outside, Slow Water Drainage, Surface Water, Sewage Drains

We specialise in clearing blocked drains with specialist drainage equipment and clearing blockages of tree roots, foliage rooting and general waste build-up such as excess kitchen fat, toilet tissue and baby wipes. We provide drain rodding as an option along with our wide range of drainage services.

Drain Rodding Blocked Drains

Drain Rodding is a popular method of clearing blocked drains and is a cost effective method if used in the right way along with use in the right location of the blockage. The access point or rodding point is usually at a manhole chamber once drain cover is removed, the rods are screwed together after each rod is inserted into the pipework and an attempt to clean out or dislodge the blockage. Some blockages are more serious such as collapsed drains, dense build-up of tree roots or a back log build-up of kitchen and general toilet waste. By rodding this kind of waste can make the drain unblocking more serious due to the build-up of waste becoming deeper and more compact. In such scenario we are able to use our domestic or commercial drainage jets to cut through the waste and have your drains flowing once again.

Toilet Rodding

Rodding general pipes from inspection chambers is straight forward but if the rods are used in the wrong way then you could be creating an even bigger problem for yourselves and this will then require professional drain unblocking services such as Complete Drainage UK. We have lost count of the drain rods retrieved from home owners trying to resolve the blockage themselves and even recovering the drain rods from other drainage companies who have lost rods by trying to resolve the issue.

At Complete Drainage UK we have the professional equipment to drain jet, rod or repair your drainage problems. Our services are available all year round and with free drain rodding quotations on request.

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Blockage Mechanical Method

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Drain Jetting – High Pressure Water Jetting

Our Buckinghamshire Drain team of specialist drainage technicians are able to provide a High Pressure Water Jetting Service to remove complex blockages and to establish the required level of drain repairs if required. Our High Pressure Jet Washing is extremely popular for clearing that stubborn drain blockage in a safe way. Contact us for a Free Quotation or advice on your drainage problems.

We use state of the art drainage equipment and modern drainage techniques to repair your blocked drainage.

High Pressure Jet Wash Cleaning
High Pressure Jet Wash Cleaning

CCTV Drain Inspections

Our Drains team of specialist drainage technicians are able to conduct CCTV drain inspections to identify more complex blockages to establish the required level of drain repair especially if drain rodding has not solved your drain blockage issue. Using cameras it is possible to identify the source of drain or sewer blockages to solve your drainage issue as quickly as possible. We use state of the art drainage equipment and modern drainage techniques to repair your blocked drainage.

Drain Cleaning for Blocked Drains at your Office?

Complete Drainage UK has extensive experience working for domestic, commercial and industrial customers to resolve their drainage problems across Buckinghamshire. We are professional, friendly and are fully qualified and will ensure your call out is treated with the urgency and care.


Excavations & Dig-Ups in Buckinghamshire

If you are experiencing extensive problems with your drains as a business or commercial premises in Aylesbury, Abingdon and surrounding areas, get in touch with Complete Drainage UK, specialists in repairing drains across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire.

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Trenchless Drainage Technology/Relining

Is your drain in a difficult area to dig up and reach then why not use our trench-less solutions.

Complete Drainage UK Drain Services in Buckinghamshire uses state of the art technology to re-round and then re-line your drain without making a mess!